Return of the Streetrunner in Berlin

The first thing one needs to know about Berlin, Germany, is that people drive like madmen. It’s cautious on the streets, but with thin lanes, tight turns, and pedestrians on bikes and walking everywhere, it seems like there should be accidents everywhere, but there aren’t. People will walk in the crosswalks and you will think that they are gonna get nailed by a car, but the cars always stop in time with no panic.

Night 2 in Berlin: Such a beautiful city. The space in between the buildings from the streetrs is huge and people are generally quiet. More than once I really hear how loud I am in public. And then I start laughing…even louder.

I got invited by a German girlie I met to an art show earlier in the day. I realized later I had never actually been to one sans a museum exhibit. Of course I would go; I’m in a new country to me. Hell, I’d go to one back home given the opportunity any time, but I guess I hadn’t thought of it.

The weather here is decent. I decided to walk to the exhibit. It was about 2 miles away, temperatures around 40. Going on a walk alone in a city in a different country at night is always an amazing experience to me. The city has a unique lack of city ambiance. I felt as though I was in a small town because of this quietness. It’s amazing and addicting.

The art exhibit was fun. It included photography of cactus and a few things related. It reminded me of what I saw in Arizona, where my parents live. I guess it was from Spain. After this, her friends met us in the bar attached.

The bar was interesting but small. It was nice to be around peeps speaking German. Strangely, I didn’t feel as though I was in a different country most of the time. Of course they all spoke English decently. Mannerisms are very similar and so are the general physical features. There are more blue eyes at every turn. And there is an amazing amount of natural blonde hair. In fact, you really can see how fake the majority blond in the USA really look.

As the night round down, it was time for me to head back to the hotel. They took a cabbie, I decided to walk again. Suddenly, it started to rain. So, I decided to run.

That is right. Without thought I started to jog. At some point it stopped raining but I didn’t. I was a foreigner running around in a foreign land; a city of big buildings and even bigger quietness. How can such a place with such a violent past be so calm and quiet today? It gave me hope for my home country.

I run past a couple young females walking in a dark alley. It’s 3am and they don’t fear any danger. “Where am I?” comes into thought. “What kind of place can I be in that this collective peace of the natives overwhelms me”?

The thought is startled by me almost getting hit by a car. At least, it would seem that way if I were in the States. Here? Well, the car knew what it was doing. It just wanted to point out to me that I can think about things once I get back home. While here, I better pay attention or I might miss it.

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