Part 10: The Short Race Report

What I Learned
The following months consisted of me slowly running further per day, getting in near 4-6 miles before work in May. But I was being careful. One day I went on a run on the beach, and I felt that little pain, yet I continued on until it hurt enough for me to stop. The next day it was fine. It seemed that any time I got that pain, I’d be done for the day, and the following day I would be fine. Go figure. I wanted to run in the races again, so I’d start small. 5k time.

First Vibram Five Finger Race: The Tour De Gables 5k
This was the first race I’d wear the VFFs. It wasn’t far, and I knew very well I could go this distance as I did it everyday. I just wanted to run with lots of people again. I yearned for that energy. I also figured while I was there I’d see how fast the top guys were, so I decided to try and go fast for a little bit at the start to see. I managed to go their speed for about 100 yards and that almost did me in, but that I was fine with. I’m no speed demon, and those guys go at a pretty fast pace. I was surprised it was that fast.

Taking One For The Team
After the second mile I felt that same upper achilles/ calf muscle pain I’d have since going minimal. It almost made me walk BUT I felt a little mental pressure telling me that I couldn’t limp or walk, I had the new ultra shiny sky blue VFF Bikila’s on and I needed to represent! People were already staring at the feet at all times, if they thought I was unable to make it due to the VFFs, then they may not try them out! I didn’t let that happen: I managed to eat the pain and finish, doing my usual routine of yelling whatever comes to mind at any random point in the race. When everyone is so serious, I will make them laugh or at least smile. I even ran backwards for a while, yelling to all behind me the importance of enjoying each step and being present and not running to ‘finish’. ENJOYMENT IS KEY was one of my yells, as a very serious cyborg ran by me, in her multiple electronic device setup. She didn’t hear me because, after all, she was a cyborg, and they have the ability to see the future. Sometimes that is all they see.

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