Part 11: Kansas City, Gonna Get My Baby Back Home

No baby here, just me returning to Kansas City, Missouri. My contract had ended at the free health clinic I worked at in Miami-ville. And only after a couple days following the drive back, I was ready to hit the new old roads. But as I learned, my old home was a different terrain than I was used to.

Miami has no hills. Kansas City has tons of hills.
In running all that time in Miami, it hadn’t occurred to me that I had no idea how to run up or down hills, let alone barefoot/minimalist. The only hill I ever ran in Miami was the few bridges during the Miami Marathon. Besides that, me = noob at hill running. The first thing I did was stop and access the situation. No, not the dude from Jersey Shores, a REAL situation of going down a hill. Best way to learn is to experience so I just full steam aheaded. It wasn’t pretty. I stopped and tried to recall the information I had read on this subject on the barefoot guys websites. I remembered.

As I continued and came to the next down hill, I went down a bit slower. I bent my legs more, like going down long stairs, taking smaller steps. That wasn’t so tough, but it didn’t seem as easy as in normal shoes probably, as it required some effort and I couldn’t let my feet just fly. Uphill was a tad different. Going uphill was more of the same: I imagined going up stairs, taking smaller steps in the process. But it actually seemed easier than with shoes. I didn’t get tired on one of the longer uphills I travelled on. And that was pretty cool!

Hills were fun! But there was a potential problem running alot of hills all of a sudden, especially in minimalist shoes, as I would find out very soon. And it was sadface.

First Run With Friends and Family: Me No Ready But There Is A Trail Near By!
A good friend of mine, Paco, and my brother Gary and I went on a run one day. We drove to a paved trail my Bro liked to run. I didn’t pay attention to how far away or where it was but I knew it was close to the house I lived in. When we arrived, and went running, Paco sported his VFF Classic’s as well. He had just began running in them lightly. Gary sported the Classic SHODS. I wore my KSO’s.

We took off with my Bro holding his iPhone, playing some classic rock and recording our distance and time. That was quite a change-up to my no music, policy, but hey, it was the first time I was running with friends and family so what the hell. The trail was cool, but Gary was going too fast for me and Paco. It was like he was running to win! As he blazed on, Paco and I still went a pretty brisk pace for me, or rather, too brisk for my calf pain that could show it’s ugly face at any instance. As I continued, and we neared the 2 mile mark probably, that pain creeped on in. Knowing better, I told Paco I was gonna walk back to the car. When would this pain end I wondered? Was it caused by me going faster that day? And also, Gary was pretty fast. I wondered if I could ever go that fast…

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