Part 14: Worn

By mid July, my leg rehab was over. My legs were not hurting during runs. My legs were not hurting after runs. No calf ache, nothing. It was awesome. I had returned to being able to run at least 10 miles any day, what I wanted to do once I went minimal. But now it seemed easier. Now I wondered how much I could do. It was time to turn up the distance.

So I went 3 hours.

After the 2 hour mark, it seemed that my feet started feeling some wear and tear. Under 2, I had no such feeling. This complicated things as I would go 3 hours, who knows how far distance wise. Another note is a seam in the inside of the KSO was rubbing my foot in one place on both feet, causing a light, stingy blister. I would notice it after 2 hours as well. After a couple 3 hour runs it was obvious my feet were not holding up so well. And I was doing this only three times a week. My feet were feeling it, so I slowed down and kept it to 2 hours alot of the time. But not always. I always marvel at my impatience in rehabilitation. It had not occurred to me to that if I used a different Vibram Five Fingers model, I might be able to alleviate some of my foot wear.

Enter the Bikila’s

As late August had approached, I would tinker with a 2 hour run but always would consider going that 3 hour or more based on how I felt. The trail I would run was paved and wasn’t very difficult. The only problem had been Kansas City’s rain that year. It would flood Indian Creek, and I would run on Indian Creek Trail, right next to it. That would give me some tree obstacles and huge water covered trail sections for dessert. I don’t know why I still insisted on running the same trail every day, but I loved it’s water fountains and tree cover and in nature feeling so, so be it. Yes that was two so’s. But, I wished my feet would not feel so worn afterwards.

I decided one day that since I only had worn my VFF Bikila’s for a few races that I would go on a non race run in them. It was a dry day, so I wasn’t concerned about them being brown afterwards from splashing in puddles. After all, I didn’t really know what I thought of them. They looked crazy, and were more snug than my KSO’s. But that was about all I knew.

What I found out on that day, was that the extra padding or thickness they had kept my foot wear and tear to a minimum. It happened to be on a day I felt great, so I pulled a Gump and everytime I got to my turn around time, I decided to keep on going. I did this about 5 times. When I got to about 2 hours without turning around, I realized it was over 90 degrees and I might be pulling an idiot again so I finally turned around.

When I made it back home I was thirsty and feeling a bit off, but my feet were fine. I had ran about 23 miles on over 90 degrees and humid with no calorie intake on the way. No wall. No dehydration. AND my feet felt fine. Curiosities, curiosities… The Bikila offered no seam rubbing and a small bit of extra padding that did indeed take away my beloved ground feel, but offered less foot wear and tear in its place. Decisions, decisions…

What I didn’t know at the time, is that was the gonna be the last time I ran a long distance for a long while.

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  1. 03/28/2015

    Personally, I wore sneakers no one ever saw them under the dress. And then at the roeiptcen I had on my big goofy slippers when he took off the garter My sister is wearing those white ballet shoe like slippers. I guess it depends on if you want to look taller in that case just wear them for the pictures

  2. 02/17/2015

    Wonder if it’s women asking if your feet hurt in Vibrams. While most femlae runners don’t do it, plenty of non-running women regularly wear shoes that make their feet hurt with every single step! But at least they look good!

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