Part 16: Marathon Decisions: Screw It

The first time I ran completely barefoot in maybe half a year was with my friend Chad. He had decided to maybe run the Kansas City Marathon half in his new KSO’s, barely running previously more than a few miles. I decided to go out with him, even with my achilles tendinitis, and to do it bare since I had delayed that for far too long, and at night. I put my headlamp on, and we were off. I wanted to make sure he was running in good form in the VFF’s so I could suggest a basic amount of running to make sure his body didn’t self destruct in a half marathon. It was a month away. I doubted I would be running in the race at all with my legs. I mean, I had not run in over a month. That would be crazy.

If You Could Call That No Training Part 2
Chad’s form was pretty nice. He is a bigger guy than I am, and his landing was nice and soft. We took to the open roads and headed to the paved trail I always run. I was amazed at how much easier running bare was at this point. It was even more fun somehow as well. How did I forget? As we entered the trails, bugs were flying all over our faces, which was rare. Of course I had a head lamp on, for the first time ever as well, and I’m sure that did it. We continued, nonetheless, and it was a nice peaceful and quiet first barefoot, headlamped night run. For both of us really. There were alot of obstacles due to the trail having been flooded again recently. So much, that we had to turn around and head back when there were trees in the way that had fallen. R.I.P. trees.

I don’t know how far we went, maybe 4 miles, maybe not. But my feet felt great afterwards and it begged me the question if I should, in my injury, just chuck the shoes and get my bares going while the achilles healed.

In most of my research about how to quicken the healing of achilles tendinitis, it was suggested to do light running. So I decided to start running to work barefoot. It was 2 miles away, and being barefoot on open streets and with hills, it would keep me slow enough to not accidentally over do it. I simply put my work clothes in a backpack, and took off. It was so fun to just run to work in the morning, I was addicted. But I didn’t always work at the place close enough to run. And I didn’t always run either. Maybe 8 times total. The reason? Well, because of some stupid decisions I made and the races I decided to do with no training, if you could call that no training.

I ran 3 more times over that 2 miles before deciding to do or not to do the Kansas City Marathon. The first was after work one day. I decided to run bare to my friend Brenda’s salon for a haircut. Problem was, I thought she was closer than she was. And the trail I ran on had broken acorns and a little seed or hard berry, no bigger than a watermelon seed, that would always seem to be unavoidable and hit my feet right in their nerves. That was about 7 miles once I got back home, the most I had done barefoot. My feet felt sore and possibly blistered, but they weren’t the following morning.

The second time I ran more than 2 miles in a sitting was a week and a half before the KC Marathon, to see how Chad was doing and to go over hills with him and see if he could make it. We ran about 8 miles, nice and slow. I showed him how if it gets hard, he can simply go slower. Being able to talk during the run could be key to keeping a pace that is fun and easy and if a hill was too steep, it is no biggie to walk it. When we finished, I requested him to tell me how his legs and feet were the following day. He too, had not been training, if you could call that not training. The following day we talked and it seemed his legs and feet were lightly tight but nothing more. He was ready. Screw it, I was ready too. The next day I ran a good 15 to see how my achilles felt. They were a bit touchy after the run, but would have been anyways since I hadn’t run long in so long. I signed up for the full marathon.

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