Part 9: Running Forever in the Park

I run forever.
The simplicities of the park in Miami is my arena.
A long oval, a 1k, surrounding a skate park, two soccer fields, and about four cabanas or shelters.
I run because I choose to, following each step like a hunter on prey.
Focusing on breath, as it drives me, giving me life.

I run forever.
Run, Forrest, run, I hear, every day. Quite original to be honest.
I pass the human tornado, a master of the bike. He spins, he jumps, he climbs all over his weapon, while in motion; an amazing site.
He spins as I run, daily, forever.
Kids are playing, loud music is everywhere, parties and moonwalks, and I continue, rain or shine, soccer game or not.
A very young kid on a scooter and a very young kid on a bike head towards me, neither paying attention. They both turn right at me, and I hurdle one of them as they slam into one another. Both survive.
As I run forever, I am stopped as a helicopter lands on one of the fields to pick up someone that had been shot a couple blocks down the street. I wait. It leaves.

I run forever.
The lights go out, the lights turn on, I continue.
Sprinklers turn on and spray me, the temperature drops enough that people make a fire in a grill under a shelter with winter coats as I run in shorts, seeing my breath in the colder nights.
Dogs bark and follow me, joining for a run.
I pass some ducks with turkey face skin on their beaks. They watch with enthusiasm.
A snake passes me, being out numbered by the lizards crossing my path.
Frogs croak in the fog as the dragon flies sheet the entire area, looking like fairies in the moonlight.
I pass the human tornado again.
I pass some friends.
I pass two old ladies that cheer me on every morning, telling me like mothers to put my shoes on.

And the sunset looks as beautiful as the feeling of running forever.

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