From Never Running to an Ultramarathon in a Year: Part Last

4 Days after my first Ultra I was recovered and not sore. The night of the 50 miler, I was not able to move very well. The following day, I was limping, but by day 3, I was almost running fully at the valet job. Remember, I hadn’t run in months by this time, with the exception of a few medium runs and a single 15 miler. Which made me wonder: was it valet that made it possible for me to do these races with no outside running? Was it the barefoot/minimalist running as well? I don’t know. Valet was only sprinting off and on and it was only twice a week. But in the 50 miler, and the running hard at the end, it made me wonder if I could go faster to begin with. I wondered if sprinting in valet was some sort of training I did not know about. If you could call that training. But I also wondered about the Vibram Five Fingers and barefoot running. How much did that affect things? All of my running injuries had stopped cold turkey when I dropped the shoes. And although I did have growing pains in barefooting, which can be expected, as well as over doing it problems, those past races were not that hard on my body and I think it has to do with the feet! Now I am really curious about possibility!

Part Last
While it had been only a tad over a year from when I started running to when I finished that 50 mile ultramarathon, I had quite an adventure along the way! I ran with huge groups of people, I ran a couple marathons and a ton of other races, I met tons of people, and learned all about my body, including how my feet hate shoes. In fact, my entire body hates shoes. I don’t put things on my feet as much as possible now, which will be expressed at another time, and I have the greatest time when I run. I’m now knee deep into seeing the capabilities of our bodies and minds, which I’ll be writing about following this series. And it is just the beginning! I feel more connected to the ground and everything around me. You should all join in!

With anything in life, if you want to do something, do it. If you wanna run a marathon, or an ultra, just keep active and eat healthy according to what your body tells you, take your time and have fun. You don’t need to train hard. You don’t need a program. You don’t even need shoes or ipods. If you enjoy something, then no matter what outcome, you will still enjoy it. You simply need to decide and take action. And maybe take off those shoes every once in a while, just to see what can happen.

Take a small step for mankind.

From Never Running To An Ultramarathon In A Year
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Part Last

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