The Movies of Barefoot Running! Crocodile Dundee

In the wake of the barefoot running craze, I’ve decided to write about the movies that feature such. Some have alot of barefoot running, others have hardly any, but it will be fun! In featuring each movie, I’ll briefly talk about the scene where this action takes place. I hope you all enjoy The Movies of Barefoot Running!

Crocodile Dundee
The scene takes place near the end of this fantastic and iconic movie. Mick “Crocodile” Dundee has just decided to go walkabout throughout the USA once seeing the girl he has fallen in love with agree to marry her boyfriend. Sue is the woman’s name, and she is trying to contact Mick, whom she is responsible for, being a stranger in a much different land than his native Australian backwoods. As she calls the hotel he is stationed at, he is not answering. She calls the front desk and they inform her he is checking out.

She rushes to the hotel in a limo shared with her rich father, only to find Mick gone. The doorman tells her where he directed him to, and that’s the subway. Her father asks if she knows what she is doing, and her reply is simply “No, but it will come to me”. This movie being in the 80’s, there are no cell phones. And a wandering man from another country with his capabilities, well, he could be gone for years, as he mentioned earlier in the movie.

She panics. Taking off from the hotel in downtown New York, the concern for her face is showing as she briskly walks, thinking of what to do, maybe what would she do if he were to be gone. As the music continuously grows in presence during this entire scene, with louder and more drum beats building up the anxiety of what might happen if she cannot reach him before he leaves, Sue starts to run in her dress shoes.

But that isn’t enough. She stops, violently throws her shoes off, then takes off in a hard sprint, BAREFOOT. More instruments join the foray as she weaves through people on sidewalks and on the street. Her form is very good, with a fast cadence, seemingly soft landing. She is leaning forward a bit too much in my opinion, although she is frantic and I am sure the last thing on her mind is running form.

What follows is yet another amazing scene of this memorable movie. Topped off with something only Crocodile Dundee would do. Every time I watch this movie I love every minute of it. If you haven’t seen it, or cannot remember, well, give it a run and DON’T WATCH THE CLIP BELOW. You will love it. THEN, you will finally know what the Crocodile Dundee handshake is, what the quote “That’s not a knife” is all about, and what crowd walking is. G’day, mates!

starts around the 50 second mark

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