The Movies of Barefoot Running! Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger
The scene takes just as the main character, played by Chris Evans, has been transformed into a super soldier. A dude sets off a bomb in the lab that ensures a chase scene, only instead of the usual car going after another car, we have a human going after a car. Yep, that’s right. It actually isn’t as over the top as it sounds, fitting right into the showing of his new super human abilities. His BAREFOOT abilities, that is.

Apparently, being a super soldier means you naturally have decent barefoot sprinting form after the experiment! On further research, the actor actually has barefoot coverings for some shoes, but the point of this column isn’t to show how they do scenes, as I am sure I will have many special effects scenes, but to show the scenes themselves. A side note on this same subject: as I watch this scene in slow mo and then in normal, his feet look oddly bigger than they should, like hobbit feet. I have big feet myself, but they do not look like this. Of course, as I said, they are not his feet. Whatever.

Back straight, head dips a bit, but hey, he is near hulk sized in muscle, good cadence, and a …heel strike. YEP you heard it. On slow moing the scene, apparently the barefoot covered shoes allowed a heel strike on many occasions in this scene, which is near impossible to do on pavement barefoot, let alone sprinting. It isn’t on every step, but many of them. If anything, there are some flat foot landings, too. It seems some cgi is used on the feet here and there as well. But when he starts jumping from car to car, he does indeed land properly when running on the truck, with a forefoot touch. VERY NICE! I LIKE!

The best part, though, is when he tries to turn, going so fast, and flies into a wedding store. I find it extra funny that they had him do this emphasizing his speed. But as we all know, a full sprint barefoot does not allow very good turning AT ALL. To make things even better, with broken glass everywhere, he gets up  and runs through it like no problem. Barefoot running through glass super soldier powers!

The scene is still badass.

The Movies of Barefoot Running
Crocodile Dundee

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