I Believe…I Can Run A 100 Mile Race Without Training

It is one week until the race. The Rocky Raccoon 100, located in Huntsville, Texas. I sit here debating on if I should run anything more this weekend than my active job’s requirement, usually less than 4 miles, in 150 yard light sprints, aka valet. The last long run I did was on January 1st, which was 21 miles. Since then, there has been nothing. One week. Tomorrow I will likely run over 20, to a marathon class I am assistant teaching at Longview Community College. It sounds fun, so I’ll do it. If that is training then so be it. One week.

I did one back to back run in December, when I figured I should do something. The first was 18 miles on a technical trail and 20 the following day on streets. The second day I was not sore or worn, as I run very light. Yet my ego played an important role in how difficult that run was, perhaps the most difficult run I have ever done. The voice in the head would not stop throughout the entirety of the run. It was quite annoying. On retrospect I cannot figure out why. Maybe it was something I ate, some ego food. Usually the voice stops on a there and back run on turn around if it shows its face at all, which is rare. But this night, it did not stop, trying to convince me to take any shortcut I could all the way until there was less than a mile to go. I was not tired after it, nor was I sore the following day. I could push it to more miles or faster, I thought, but then I remembered something I wanted to test.

Requirements and Prerequisites
I have wondered since my first 50 mile ultra if we needed to train at all for any distance in running assuming one has an active life, runs efficiently, and eats well, like, similar to how I eat. I got up that day and ran 50 miles without having run more than 3 times in the prior 2 months. I had a semi active job at the time, but not much, although I was on my feet all day, and while I didn’t eat like I do now, I would have been considered nearly a vegan. Now, I eat almost entirely raw fruits, with the occasional vegetable or cooked meal, no animals. Meaning, no meat, eggs, or products, and no dairy. I run barefoot when I can, minimalist when I can’t, using footwear from moccasins at work, to Five Fingers and Luna Sandals. While I am continuously getting lighter and faster and more efficient, I still always focus and try to get more so. And as I mentioned before, I have an active job being a valet, which requires standing all day and running a light sprint to cars around 150 meters away, 4 days a week. It averages under 4 miles total daily, but it is obviously in fragments.

I Believe…
I believe we do NOT need to train for a 100 mile race. I believe if we have an ACTIVE lifestyle we can run forever. I believe if we EAT how our bodies are truly geared that they become what some would think is super human, when it is actually indeed ONLY human. I believe if we have good FORM, the barefoot natural style, our legs and feet can run endlessly. I believe our MINDS are capable of doing this if we allow them to be, not getting in the way of them.

And I am going to prove it.

I am so certain that this can be done through the above that I stopped any ideas I had on what I thought I needed to do and haven’t done much because of it. After this race I intend on doing all sorts efficiency training for body movement, strength, and stillness. Therefore, this is the race to see if my hypothesis is correct. On researching this theory, I found little to support my claim other than Barefoot Ted’s Leadville 100 race report. He seems to be testing and seeing how amazing our bodies truly are. I like his style. Everywhere else I look, I can’t seem to find much. It may sound crazy even to me, but that might be what it needs to be.

I am not a small person. And I am not a speed demon. I just go and have fun and run in peace. But I am curious. And I am not assuming it wouldn’t be easier if I would have trained or at least run more.

I actually don’t think I can do this. But I’m wrong, and that’s the point. What I think doesn’t matter. Choosing to take action does. And in that, I choose to not believe anything I think doesn’t matter.

Say that 3 times fast.

I Believe…I Can Run A 100 Mile Race Without Training
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Part 2: Results
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  1. peacerunner

    I hope I’m correct too! Lol! I do not plan on doing it barefoot although I may try one of the latter legs depending on how I feel. I’ve had a little issue over 20 miles bare where my foot acts weird, so I haven’t been able to hit higher than there.

  2. 01/28/2012

    Interesting to say the least! I hope your correct in your assumption, lol.

    Do you plan on running Rocky Raccoon barefoot?

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