The Human Efficiency Experiment (T.H.E.E.)

Efficiency can be defined and measured in many ways. According to, the first definition is as follows:

1. the state or quality of being efficient; competency in performance.

This is the broad definition. It can mean many things. I like it because one can define competency per activity in many different ways. For running, an efficient runner can be one that uses the least energy, is least sore the next day, runs the fastest, has the fewest aches and pains through the run or after, can go the furthest with or without these previous examples, has the most fun, and so on and so forth, the list can go on indefinitely. This also works for all other activities we can think of. It’s endless.

The second and third definitions are:
2. accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort: The assembly line increased industry’s efficiency.

3. the ratio of the work done or energy developed by a machine, engine, etc., to the energy supplied to it, usually expressed as a percentage.

These two definitions are more specific as they use time, effort, and energy as perimeters of measurement. My definition of efficiency used in these experiments varies per theory, and will be defined in each.

I have started many of the experiments already and it seems I am finding some commonality in many of them, including my own theorizing. For example, I feel we don’t need to do even close to much physical activity as we think in order to maintain whatever current fitness level we are on, assuming some basic variables are met, as you will see.

All of this started due to my simplifying. Over time, it has simply been applied to more and more in my life. Maybe it was due to the Tao Te Ching, maybe the Buddha, barefoot running, Jesus, Eckhart Tolle, Bruce Lee, who knows. What I do know is that this has been my process for a while now and not only am I simplifying, but I’m also very curious to find things out for myself.

I think we have been mislead on many things by marketing, thus brainwashing. Marketing of products, information, religion; marketing of ideas. Everything I have tested so far has been near proven to be opposite of what the general population would think, and some are vital to physical well being. These experiments continue partially for this reason.

Efficiency is the point, though. The following is a ever-changing blueprint to what I have been and will be testing:

1. Body
Рstrength, growth, definition, flexibility and how little needs to be done for all.
– feet and barefoot running
– running
– breathing
– teeth

2. Food and Diet

3. Mind
– introspection
– peace
– meditation

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