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The Great Mysteries of Me-NESS (not)

My process is to dissolve the ‘me’ but in the meantime descriptives include that I am a modern day neo-samurai as I like to call it, mixing classic bushido with zen and the tao-ness for an all singing, all dancing, mindful conglomerate. In other words, I try to serve others as a lifestyle. But I’m also a professional runner and a professional driver, but not in the ways you might expect. But first, my name.

My Native American Name
They call me Jarod Reisin. My alias Streetrunner, or theStreetrunner came from 2004 when I first attended QuakeCon. I was asked my handle and not having one, I said Streetrunner, since I was a valet at the time and some old humor of mine had me naming all people with my idea of a funny Native American name, like Running Left Nostril, for example. It had no link to Roadrunner, the famous Looney Tunes character, though in my subsequent attempted pro gaming days, in tournaments overseas, I would often hear “meep meep” from others and didn’t understand that in many translations Streetrunner and Roadrunner were the same. Who would have known street and road were often the same word in other places? I had thought I was being clever and funny and original, and suddenly, I was a bird. The name also had no link to actual running outside work, in which I avidly do now, but I’ll get to that below.

Pro Runner, Pro Driver
So, yes, I’m a professional runner and driver as I get paid to valet, serving others at a hospital. I find it most fulfilling. These simple exchanges of smiles and service, assisting, running out in the elements, it’s mesmerizing to me. And it’s great training for longer runs, another love of mine.

I love to street run, trail run, and barefoot run. Yeah, I’m one of those. No shoes. I run in sandals or nothing.  Huaraches to be clear. I love all race distances but prefer 50 milers and over. I’ve learned most from the 100 mile ultra marathons and look forward to my next one of any distance. So much to learn about oneself in such a journey! All movement is our destiny. Don’t sit around too long! Ultimate goal? Well, I want to run across the USA Forrest Gump style!

Bod Vegan Style
So fitness is one of most importance to me. That’s body. Another body thang is nutrition. Once again I’m one of those. A vegan. I don’t do animals, though I do define my diet as I see fit, like the typical hypocrite. I will eat honey. Sometimes even eggs though this is always debatable to me. What I prefer is mostly fruit. A good 10 banana lunch totally rocks. I often do different nutrition experiments so this can change on a whim of curiosity but for the most part I feel all people should just try and eat as natural as possible. No processed anything. Especially sugar and even wheat. It’s hard but so is feeling amazing. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy and I slip up all the time.

Now to mind: I firmly feel all of us are on the same path, though most do not realize this and even more do not realize there are insurmountable ways to get there. Observing the mind is key, and all things related to it from meditation, physical or stationary, yoga, whatever, are an amazing and crucial element to inner peace. All things I do revolve around this and everything is connected to this.

Twitchical Mystery Tour
The journey of the ‘can’t have one without the other’ body and mind connection is what I’m all about. So where do video games and twitch come into this? That’s a burning question of mine and one I hope to clearly answer in time.  You and I, together we will see where we can go in this journey.

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