Why Twitch?

Oh I would have never thought I would return to video game playing in bigger quantities yet here I am. I’ve been told by some that there is greatness in sharing and receiving in this virtual platform of twitch game streaming and I am eager to find out if that is true.

UPDATE: As of this writing my original plan has changed quite a bit so here is the new plan regarding Twitch:

Once I start, every week on a schedule I will hold an online meditation through a preselected video game. The goal is to teach others how to center and be in the moment in any activity, especially video game playing.


What is Twitch.tv? It’s a streaming service where people watch people play games and talk and can interact with them in many different ways. Simply. Or as quoted on the site, Twitch “represents a compelling new social network to connect with friends and fans over a shared love of games.”

So, I’ve been looking to see how I can benefit others by using Twitch and here’s the list of three:

  1. Informing and promoting good mind and body health? Check.
  2. Raising money for charities? Check.
  3. Making people laugh? Check.


But where to start? This is the hard one. I am all about discipline of the mind and body and this is a gaming, and now, art platform. Gonna try and combine. Here’s my Twitch Page.


As of now, I have 3 distinct days I will stream and each day will have a different theme corresponding to either mind, body, or gaming and a topic of the day I will want to discuss with everyone. Surely other subjects will creep in but for now those will be my triangle stone. Mid stream, I will break to do something anti gaming. Yes, anti-gaming. It is not that I am against gaming, what I am against is poor health. I believe there is a balance where any entertainment can work with keeping the mind and body in good health. So, to represent this, I plan on stopping after a couple hours and doing anything from working out to running to even yoga for an hour or two. Obviously I will not be able to stream this, at least for now that I know of. Instead I will leave a camera note as to what I am doing and encourage others to join me, in spirit. I will start the broadcast explaining all of this, then break time cometh and I’m gone. Upon return I will tell about whatever adventure I got into and ask for the audience to share theirs, even if it was earlier in the day. I am interested in what everyone is doing to maximize health. I think this will be fun.

How to Advertise? 

I’m sketchy on this and am open to suggestions. I have a lot to share, and many subjects I’d like to talk about and hear what you think. I don’t know how to get exposure however. I feel we are in a stagnant society, nice and controlled. I think we as a people need to become conscious, we need to break out and push our limits, find our zen; we need to get out of our heads and see how to remove love life blockers. We all know what to do but we need to first recognize it. That’s the best advertising I can think of, that deep down each of you know the truth, but may just need a little push. I’ll keep writing here about any topics. I’ll use the twitter and the Facebook to shoot some links, even Instagram for pictures when after taking. The rest is up to time. Again I am new to this, so any help is much appreciated.


I have many goals many more mini goals and will cover that in another post. I want to serve others even if I do not as much as I would like. Not yet. But I can be the space for others to share and experience in anything I do, including Twitch. I have many mind and body goals. One is to run across the USA Forrest Gump style. Coast to coast. True story. How can Twitch help me accomplish this? I’ll share that soon. For now, my main goal is to see what happens and have fun with it. Hope to see you.


  1. 09/18/2016

    Thanks peeps. It works, guess the blog is ready for MASSIVE audiences…

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