Welcome to the AWESOMENESSSAUCE. This blog is about life but the focus is not on any specific subject, although there will be alot on running, especially barefoot as most I have written thus far is on this subject which I feel is very important for physical well being and our basic physical nature. When there is time I will present my personal studies and thoughts on many spiritual subjects, the body, and the mind with an emphasis on habitual behaviors. It also will contain random posts that review movies, music and even video games as well as just some plain funny shiz. All fall under the umbrella of observed life, which is the awesomenesssauce.

My motivation in sharing with you my experiments are due in part to that in looking within and learning about myself and human nature, I simply cannot see that most of how we humans live is the way of well being and inner and thus outer peace. From basic learned behavior to addiction, these things I observe daily within and without. I also have had quite a time finding useful information on many subjects that have been tested and then reported without a specific agenda. I try and not do this, unless it is to prove that there IS an agenda. I push alternatives to the normally accepted thought we have been taught, this thought that has created suffering since the dawn of time and that gets in the way of the enjoyment and peace we all seem to be searching for.

In deciding to start a proper blog, I have an open forum to practice writing, share information I gather or live, and present a different medium to express life. All I try to do is geared towards peace and the well being of all existence, although as expected, it isn’t always easy and isn’t always. I feel fun is needed at all times and I have learned how to do this. Or rather maybe I have unlearned what got in the way of total fun in the first place. Either way, I hope you enjoy!