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Welcome to the AWESOMENESSSAUCE, a blog about life through a runners eyes. My eyes. I am called Jarod Reisin. And while the focus here will be on running, it will also be on other subjects such as veganism, minimalism, video games, movies, and music with, of course, a runners twist. In time, I will present my personal studies and thoughts on many spiritual subjects as well. All fall under the umbrella of observed life, which is the awesomenesssauce.

As a person, my goal is to cultivate the mind and body. I currently try to do the vegan and minimalist thing as well as run barefoot as much as possible.

As a runner, I plan on running across the USA one day, coast to coast. In fact, this is my lone goal. A big part of this blog is about the journey to accomplish this goal.

As a gamer, my goal is to enjoy and observe games and trends related to them. I plan on holding online meditations through video games, in order to share methods that are new and potentially helpful for the modern gamers well being.

I also run the gaming blog MindBodyGAMING! It’s focus is on health advice for gamers. If you are a gamer, you may want to check it out.

Thank for joining me on this journey and I appreciate all of your support.